From full construction to restoration, we're the company to call in Honolulu, HI

CDI is dedicated to providing quality services . . on time . . every time.  CDI has an outstanding record of performance in Hawaii in every category . . ever since that first day in business back in 1979. 

CDI, also known as Color Dynamics, Inc., is a licensed and bonded General Contractor (BC-11207) but we also maintain specialty contracting licenses in concrete, waterproofing, and painting, as we do most restoration and finish work “in house” with our own employees.  Our jobs run smoother, have less delays, and quality and safety is better managed

Extensive services

We are typically engaged in concrete restoration projects on high rise buildings and their parking structures, but we have also performed many other types of contracts from dry dock repairs, shopping center renovations, town house repair and painting projects, and many projects for State and Federal Government.  CDI typically performs concrete spall repair, waterproofing, sealants, coatings and painting, but sometimes as a general contractor we also provide owners with necessary post tension cable repairs, railing repairs or replacement, window replacement, landscaping services, electrical, air conditioning, and mechanical services.  Of course we also contract for re-painting projects, interior as well as exterior, as that is how CDI got its start.


From parking lots to laying a new foundation, the work we provide at Color Dynamics in Honolulu is without compare. We can add a solid touch to your building project. We work closely with local stone quarries, and can get the best prices on the materials we use for your project. This will help you achieve some great looks without breaking your budget. Call us today, and let's discuss what our restoration and construction team can do for you.

Customer satisfaction

Color Dynamics has compiled an admirable list of successful projects and long-standing relationships with repeat clients. We are proud of our reputation for delivering high quality and cost effective building, construction, and restoration solutions that exceed expectations. We encourage client feedback, input and questions before, during and after your project. You'll always feel like you can talk to us and be confident you're getting the best restoration service available in the Honolulu area.

Building restoration in Honolulu, HI